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Homemade Remedies For A Yeast Infection?

You will never know what can be very useful in your kitchen. Just a little flick of your hand, your basic ingredients and seasonings may become an effective medical kit which can remedy injuries like simple cuts and get rid of infections like yeast infections. The microorganisms Candida albicans, causes yeast infections. But don’t be surprised to know that homemade remedies for yeast infection can be very effective in getting rid of theose microorganisms.
Candida is a kind of microorganism that is always present in our body. When this environment changes, the growth of the fungi grows unchecked, suddenly increases and causes the infections. This change in the environment may vary from acid and alkaline imbalance to poor nutrition. Some triggers also include an increase intake of sugar, changes in the body’s hormones, antibiotics, and even birth control pills. Any one of these or combination of these factors can trigger the growth of the fungi resulting in infections bringing with it the problems of itching, burning, irritation, and the presence of white or yellowish discharge.
There are many products are commercially available to help soothe the discomfort brought by yeast infection. You might be looking toward home remedies because these products are a little expensive or you want relief immediately and can't go out and shop this instant. Also, there might be a chance that the fungi develop a resistance to commercially available medicines.

There are good bacteria in our bodies as well as bad. Some of those good bacteria help curb the growth of the yeast fungi. You can fight microorganisms with other microorganisms. The growth of probiotic microorganism suppresses the growth of the Candida which cases the infections. It’s a battle of microorganisms.

Some of the homemade remedies discussed below may already be in your kitchen.
Garlic has been found to be effective by some people when it comes to treating yeast infections. What you can do is get a couple of garlic cloves, smash and convert it into paste. You then apply that garlic paste around the vagina area. The antibacterial properties of garlic can help in getting rid of those pesky fungi. The only setback would be the smell.
A not so smelly alternative would be the use of honey. However, the smell may not be as strong as garlic but the stickiness of honey would be quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, according to testimonials applying honey on the affected regions helps alleviate the various symptoms of the infection. You apply honey and leave it for about 30 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
Another good antibacterial and antifungal remedy would be vinegar. Take a bath in warm water with about a cup of cider vinegar. You need to soak the area for at least 20 minutes though to see and feel some effects.



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